Counselling Approach

I trained in Psychosynthesis because of its interest in our personality: thoughts, feelings, sensations,...; our potential: dreams, longings,... as well as our life: family, culture, … and because it draws on many counselling models.

I see counselling as a space where we can bring, talk and explore our difficulties, concerns and troubles and where there is care and support. This helps change our perspective, gain more understanding about ourselves and others, make choices and be more fulfilled/satisfied/ at peace within ourselves and with our life.

During our meetings we will look together and work with what you bring. This might lead us to explore some of your past experiences and how they impact your life now as well as what you want out of your life.

I have experience in working with a large range of issues including pain, illness, low self-esteem/confidence, life crisis, questions of meaning, existential and spiritual questioning, bereavement, career change, transition, panic attacks,family and relationship concerns and anger.

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